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Terra Land Limited is an Advisory firm focusing on orientating Customers to the preservation, advancement, and monitoring of their assets and wealth.

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Who We Are

Terra Land Limited is an Advisory firm focusing on orientating Customers to the preservation, advancement, and monitoring of their assets and wealth. Wealth creation advisory lies at the center of our transparent, disciplined, and free from conflicts of interest services.

Terra Land proposes to its Customers, as part of its mission, which directions of actual wealth management actions need to be taken, however, it does not implement them. The scope of our services is restricted to provide an overall framework aligned to our Customers’ needs and wealth advancement including risk, investment alternatives, and strategies leading to the actual schemes that take over the next steps of realizing our deliverables.

Our services exclusively focus on corporate advisory on wealth and asset management, as well as encountering special situations only at the consultancy level.

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Why Us

Terra Land adopts and delivers a well-designed consultancy approach based on best practices engaging staff and institutions to design a custom-made strategic and well thought out plan helping them incorporate the fundamental changes taking place in the geo-economic and geo political spheres in order to maximize the prospects of their Wealth.

Value Proposition

Terra Land Limited consults with its Customers for their restructuring, growth, and capital formation or augmentation opportunities.

Our executive team contributes to determining the optimal capital structure, as well as the most appropriate funding options for their individual projects.

Our goal is to consult with companies in the drafting of all necessary materials for preparing to delegate to pertinent firms the actual capital-formation, through focused business planning and teasers, and then cooperate under their approval to pertinent firms which will carry on with information memorandum for investors, company and project presentations, as well as anything else that may be needed.

Through an extensive network of individuals and wealth management agencies we may early identify proper capital structures and appropriate funding sources whether the goal is to raise equity, debt, hybrid, convertible, mezzanine, bridge or other form of capital appropriate for the circumstances and within the corporation’s objectives

What We Do

Contribution To Your Growth

TERRA LAND LIMITED prepares its customers for the opportunities, as well as the challenges, using expert services requiring market insight and accuracy. Our consultants and research analysts work in coordination to provide understanding of the overall asset management lifecycle ensuring successful actions and substantial outcomes.

The areas of engagement
  • Asset Management: Provide oversight of asset operations and financial performance to achieve optimal results
  • Operational Management: Oversee, design, & improve business operations
  • Training, Development & Execution Monitoring: Add value through personnel development
  • Asset Platforms: Selecting and Delegating the appropriate Asset platforms that may realise
    • Support Development,
    • Renovation,
    • Reposition,
    • Acquisition,
    • Disposition, and
    • Capital Improvements
Indicative Portfolio of our core Asset & Wealth Management Services Analysis
  • Budget Development
  • Forecasting, Rolling forecasts
  • Financial Analysis of Portfolio/Property Level Results
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Management Agreement Review

Our main focus is to create value, ponder market’s volatility, as well as proactively operate our services as both a shield and profit generation for every Customer.

Tailor-Made Services

We provide to our Customers a variety of Portfolio Management, Estate Planning, Asset Protection or Financial Planning Advisory Services regarding the existing financial resources based upon an analysis of their current situation, goals, and objectives. Generally, such financial planning and consulting services will involve preparing a financial plan or rendering a financial consultation for clients based on the client’s financial goals and objectives.

This planning or consulting may encompass one or more of the following areas: Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Charitable Planning, Education Planning, Corporate and Personal Tax Planning, Cost Segregation Study, Corporate Structure, Real Estate Analysis, Mortgage/Debt Analysis, Insurance Analysis, Lines of Credit Evaluation, Business and Personal Financial Planning. Our written financial plans or financial consultations usually include general recommendations for a course of action.

We also may carry on upon customers’ approval to introduce them to special Agencies initiate or revise investment programs, create or revise wills or trusts, obtain or revise insurance coverage, commence or alter retirement savings, or establish education or charitable giving programs. We refer clients to an accountant, attorney, or other specialist as necessary for non-advisory related services. For written financial planning engagements, we provide our clients with a written summary of their financial situation, and our firm’s observations and recommendations.

All the above involve the detection and elaboration on:

  • Short and long term goals
  • Income tax reduction strategy
  • Investment plan/policy
  • Asset protection strategy
  • Estate tax planning strategy

How We Do It

Smart Management

Terra Land Limited relies and applies a holistic approach in evaluating the global economic landscape and the ramifications that the unraveling of global developments may have on portfolio allocation and investment decisions.

No investment plan can adequately minimize risks and generate returns without a tested strategy and principled worldview of global markets.

The increasing interconnectedness of the global economy demands an approach that can identify the various ways risks can manifest themselves and hedge against them according to the investment objectives.

Therefore, as a result, we are capable to adopt the optimal wealth management model representing every Customer’s financial profile.

It is our conviction that rules must be applied to every strategic approach within the framework of our Advisory Services, allowing to encompass the strategic nature of every venture, and having the proper flexibility for tactical re-adjustments.

Service Level Agreement

At the very core of Terra Land’s philosophy leading to the company’s successful path, one may observe our staff’s creative spirit, as well as the focus on the overall Quality of final purpose: Advisory Services for Wealth Management that best-fit and work for our Customers!

Our company invests on its staff by recruiting professionals who are highly-educated and possess sound specialization in their area of expertise. Our staff capitalizes the most out of their know-how and capable to lead, assist and support our customers, in order them to increase their performance and achieve financial prosperity. Having delivered a vast set of different solutions for large enterprises and organizations, Terra Land has acquired multi-faceted readiness and crucial know-how enabling our company to carry out problem-solving cases with high degree of complexity by using cutting-edge technologies.

Terra Land provides a wide gamut of supporting services organized at different levels directly related to its mainstream processes. Terra Land designs those services under every Customer’s specific needs in terms of:

  • scope
  • level of complexity
  • response time
  • agreed outcomes

Per project case and upon the special requirements that are mutually agreed in advance by our Customers, in specific situations and according to set standards we may offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Corporate Social Responsibility


Terra Land has been fully committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility policy which includes activities that directly advance social goals. Based on Terra Land’s corporate values and strategic objectives to the personal involvement of our people and, in general, activating wider social groups to actions during business daily practices, in order to manifest who we are, what we do and in which way we may meet our CSR vision "to transform a complex Wealth Management Advisory Services industry making it simple, humane, accessible and exciting". 

Our social participation extends to the indicative following areas:


Creating positive impact on society, and an important part of this ambition is to reduce Terra Land’s environmental impact. Addressing climate change by reducing emissions through improving energy efficiency, planning to source and use resources responsibly and improving waste management, ensuring the slowdown of resources and materials’ consumption at a faster rate than they are regenerated, so that future generations can also benefit from the same variety of resources and materials that current generation has access to. Terra Land has established a paperless office and a practice of recycling of batteries, computers, cell phones and spare parts as well as paper, while our energy policy includes monitoring the use of physical resources.

Equal Opportunities

Caring for equal employment and career opportunities for both men and women in our business environment, we have achieved of a good percentage of women's representation in all management areas. Terra Land strives during daily work to uphold the highest ethical business standards and business practices, with respect for human and labour rights, while doing everything possible to promote and protect employees’ well-being and safety. Terraland we will never sacrifice its principles for the sake of short-term profit.


We, in Terra Land, encourage the creative spirit of our staff, fostering better working conditions dictated by the spirit of justice and mutual respect. The company is based on the appreciation of our staff’s efforts, the rewarding of our executives’ commitment and talent, as well as the building up of long-term relations with our people.

Employment in Terra Land: If you are interested in working at Terra Land, send your CV to [email protected], quoting reference code for which you are interested. For all CVs full confidentially is ascertained.

Visit frequently Terra Land’s site to check for any new job openings.

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